Ethicon Knot Tying Manual
A very comprehensive knot tying manual from Ethicon. Covers several types of knots, and gives information on suture type and selection. You can also call Ethicon for a FREE knot-tying board that Joh... [Read More]
Neuroanatomy Quizzes and Practical Exams
Several quizzes on brain sections and systems, and practical exams with real brain images. (Also links to pathway quizzes). [Read More]
Neuroanatomy Multiple Choice and Identification Quizzes
Several short neuroanatomy multiple choice and identification quizzes, including subarachnoid cisterns, and midbrain. [Read More]
Neuroscience Practical and Written Exam Questions and Answers
Several Neuroscience Practical and Written Exam Questions and Answers. (Scroll down page a little when the website opens.) [Read More]
Microbiology Practice Questions
One set of microbiology multiple choice practice questions with answer code. [Read More]
Image of Human Anatomy Online
Human Anatomy Online
A good website that covers most anatomy. Explains the anatomy with real pictures, and has an extensive quiz section to test your knowledge. A good way to practice before an exam. [Read More]
Head and Neck Multiple Choice Questions and Answers
Multiple choice questions and answers from Columbia University Medical Center. The questions are here: http://cpmcnet.columbia.edu/dept/ps/2007/firstyear/anatomy/2006/anat_exam3_qa1.pdf, http://cpmc... [Read More]
Pathology Practice Questions
1000+ multiple choice questions on pathology. [Read More]
18 Quizzes on neuroanatomy topics.
18 Quizzes (using diagrams of the brain) on different aspects of neuroanatomy including the limbic system, the hypothalamus and the anterolateral system. (Best used with the sound off). [Read More]
3D images and quizzes of brain structures, neuroscience
3D images and movies of brain structures, pathways and more. [Read More]